Data collection control procedure:

It is essential to have a good quality control system in place to ensure quality data WireAxis follows stringent quality norms to ensure quality data.—————————————————-


Quality Management

  • What we do?
  • GPS Monitoring – Verify the exact locations of the interview
  • Length of Interview – Verify the length of the interview, and should be completed in minimum & maximum duration
  • Quality of Response – Verify the responses for straight liner, open end junk responses
  • Recording – Verify the sound / video recording to check genuine interview
  • Verify the respondents and their socio-economic categories
  • Value of Data collection Monitoring

    • Data Collection is important steps in any research, the quality of the findings depend of the quality of data collection.
    • People spend rectifying the data as this was not monitored while collection, resulted in skewed results.
    • So data collection monitoring is very critical steps to avoid errors, to meet the research need.

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Quality Data

In the market research industry, data quality is everything. Data quality needs to be a top priority; everything relies on it. Putting your energy into monitoring the quality of your data will help ensure the quality of your results, quality findings, and quality recommendations; thereby ensuring you meet the needs of your customers.

laid-back attitude

It is highly problematic for client-side researchers/research requesters to have a laid-back attitude and just wait to accept any research results from agencies as accurate and true. It is not easy to check the quality of a market research study. Whether the figures in a Report clearly depict results from the fieldwork or not, outright fraud may not be easily detected.

One key area

One key area to look out for is the agency’s Quality Control processes as specified in their proposal. Look out for how they intend to Deploy, Execute and Analyse the Quality Control processes for the study. In Deployment, ensure your project is handled by senior executives and experienced interviewers/supervisors, one or two pilot studies to test methodologies, survey instruments, length of survey etc., as well as your ability to participate in briefing and pilot processes.

Data collection control procedure:

100% Respondents are attempted over telephone and at least 20% on the field. A dedicated, independent control team and all interviewers’ work is cross-monitored for all projects they are involved in (clear rules for penalties or collaboration ending as well as bonuses system)


Did the interview take place? Did the interview take place with the right TG? Respondents basic demographic data/if met the screener requirements Completeness of questions asked Possible participation of other persons Possibility of asking respondents only some selected sections or questions from the questionnaire Duration and place of the interview Date of the interview

Online CATI QC

For Online or Telephone surveys in particular, ensure you have access to recordings of at least 75% of the interviews. Listening in to some of these recordings ensures that interviewers are following the right methodologies, interview flow is smooth, choice of words in the questionnaire are simplified and explained to respondents, and help weed out or re-train some interviewers where necessary.

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