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Technology to Innovate

Echnology for innovation, accessibility, and inclusivity,

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Experts in various domains to provide.

It is backed with experts in various domains to provide efficient consultancy services to our clients & offers high-valued Market Research Operations with best in class, quality and efficient pricing to the clients.

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We help our clients to cultivate new and existing

We help our clients to cultivate new and existing customer relationships, improve differentiation and competitive advantage, evaluate product/service offerings and refine marketing strategy/ market feedback with our high-value services and quality results.

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About us

Wireaxis Market Research is a leading market research firm that provides comprehensive and accurate market intelligence to businesses across various industries. The firm specializes in providing customized research solutions to help businesses make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. Wireaxis founded in 2019, offers a wide range of specialized Market research Services, including Data Collection, Insight, Survey Programming, Quality Check, Process Audit, Call center, multi language Translation, and management of programs from planning to delivery, we do it all! We provide our services to both public and private sector clients and help them deliver Quality Data . We think In Market Research our knowledgeable team’s intellect and skill ensure the success of projects by providing our clients expertise and support in accordance with the use of learning principles, information and technology, and functional design practices. Our multi-disciplinary team, knowledge of the latest trends, and local roots enable us to understand the prevailing issues with multiple perspectives and make us meet technical excellence to produce innovative solutions that meet the client and community needs.

Our Vision, Goals and Strategy set the direction for our company. Our culture, values, and philosophy towards learning and development are designed to help us achieve that, and our performance management, personal development and career mapping processes are the processes by which we plan, measure and evaluate our development, as a company and as individuals. These processes, in turn, shape the learning and development opportunities we offer, and ultimately determine how WireAxis helps its people to grow, both personally and professionally.

Our goal is enabling our clients to make an informed decision or receive a real feedback based on facts and data using Market research tools.

Mission : To be reliable and respected market research company across India

Vision : To provide relevant and actionable solutions through innovative ideas and insights

Values : Our core values includes integrity, honesty, commitment & client satisfaction

Key strengths of Wireaxis is its ability to provide customized research solutions tailored to the specific needs of each client. The firm works closely with clients to understand their business objectives and challenges and develops research solutions that address those needs.

Our Team

Wireaxis is backed by a team of Quality professionals who hold specialization in different domains & has a team of advisors who posse’s vast knowledge and expertise in the field. Our field teams are efficient to meet tight deadlines, demanded by the clients without compromising on the Quality of Fieldwork.

Narendra Sinha
Anand Mishra
Amardeep Mehta
Vice President